Only the good stuff:

Ongoing investigation, exploration, and inspiration: driven by people I respect, work I enjoy, and the books I just can't stop reading.

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The Pragmatics of Software Product Delivery

Book; 2022—a new work in progress.

This book is my harvest—plucking the fruits of a decade of work, fermenting (spontaneously, of course), and distilling it all down into a potent potion that will help teams understand and address the core issues of good product work. Follow along with occasional updates in Parallel Vision.

RSF: Pattern Language for User Research

Framework; 2018–2021

I worked with Tomomi Sasaki and a large swath of the ResearchOps Community to create the Research Skills Framework. Global workshops. Data wrangling. Pattern writing. Tool building. Project workshops, conference talks, and more.

Reading & Reflecting on Christopher Alexander

Seminars; 2018–2021 | Essays; 2020–2021 | Reading; 2015–??

Christopher Alexander is an architect, builder, and design theorist whose work is driven by a remarkable focus on human wellbeing and staggering intellectual clarity. I've studied his four-volume 'Nature of Order' first on my own, and also with the Building Beauty program reading seminars. I draw heavy inspiration from Alexander's architectural design theories in my software systems work: it's one 'secret' of my success.

Misc. — Selected Media

(That drawer that has every thing you need, but never the one you're looking for right now.)

  • The Researcher's Journey: an essay and model of enduring popularity. A breakthrough for me, personally, learning to use a constructive model to situate and communicate otherwise-abstract ideas.
  • Interesting words in prose & poetry (not mine): from my aunt Alison Hicks, a writer and poet, whose example and kind spirit have always been a source of creative encouragement.
  • Old instructions for friends: travel ideas for when you're going to Japan. Which I highly recommend doing.
  • Learners Weekly Podcast Q&A - 11 June 2021 (youtube, 54m): my first podcast. In which we discuss research, the consulting life, and a prior talk I'd given on the role of researchers in the organization. I'd like to try more podcast conversations.

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