In the year of our Lord, 2021 AD:

Dave Hora is consulting in user research & product strategy, writing on the process of creating good things, and learning to make wine in Portugal.

* * *


I work with startups and product teams to shape strategy through focused research and build research capability. At Dave's Research Company I have been awarded "Employee of the Month" award 23 times in a row.


Good non-fiction — even the business stuff — is born from the same beguiling glint-in-the-dark as the truest of novels, the most concentrated of poetry. As I shape a book and write in other projects, I'm learning to find and follow these rich veins of ore, to mine and mould the word, just-so.

Learning — & Parallel Vision

I explore ideas around learning craft and executing the creative process across a range of contexts and projects in my newsletter Parallel Vision, launching October 2021.

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