A pithy, manufactured, Curated narrative:

American-born researcher, writer, and aspiring winemaker living in Portugal

* * *

I grew up in the midwest U.S,

Boyscouting, backpacking, building computers, reading about wizards and dragons. I studied Cognitive Science & Human-Computer Interaction at school, followed a meandering path of work in through large corporations, tech consulting, and San Francisco startups until I left the States in 2019.

am figuring it out in Portugal,

Following a stay in Berlin, I set up shop in Porto between waves of pandemic. I'm building a business around design research and software strategy, and am writing my first book. I read at least one good book every week—and we're well beyond 'wizards and dragons' these days.

and always still learning.

I'm a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, on the slow and rocky road to black belt. My enduring dream is agricultural: healthy soil, strong vines, quality wines. This year, I'll work autumn harvest in the Douro Valley for my first inside look at the winemaking process.

* * *